Photo Tours
Teaching Tours            2.5 - 3 Hour Tours (not including driving time) but does include some
time afterwards to view the images and review skills. In Hillsborough and Pinellas County.

Wild Life
City Views
Out of Town Tours - Historical, Sight Seeing
Non-Photography Tours - Historical, Sight Seeing, Wild Life, Beaches &  Piers, City, Fun
Locations for Children.

I go to the spots where you'll get great shots and see the things you want to see. Along the
way, i offer instruction to help you get the best shots with your camera.

Schedule a photo Teaching Tour with your group of 4 or more people.

Tours are scheduled for 4 Hours maximum at a selected location(s) in Hillsborough or
Pinelllas County.
Other areas are available but may be charged at a different rate. Rate does not include any
entrance fees or "Photography permits" if required. If you have a particular location or a
particular subject you want to visit and photograph, please call.

Transportation for your group is available as a separate charge

Wildlife is usually present, but not always! Wildlife tours usually require arriving to a location
early morning.

What to bring: We'll determine that when we discuss the destination

$25 per person

Tours for Children under 18 require adult supervisors at a minimum of 1 Adult for every 6
Children       (For Example: 7 Children require 2 Adults)
Photographer Tours  - Custom Guided Tours as requested

Wild Life - I know some of the best spots. Tell me what you want to see.

City Views & Bay Views - Panoramic shots of the City or bay, where to get the best shots

Historical Tours - Central Florida, Great locations, great History

Ocean, Beach & Pier

There are so many wonderful locations in Central Florida. Tell me what you want to see; I'll
build a tour for you and be your guide.

Cost: By Individual quote.

Tours for Children under 18 require adult supervisors, at a minimum of 1 Adult for every 6
Children     (Foir example: 7 Children require 2 Adults)
Photography Classes
Giving Back