Photography Classes
New to Photography?

Had a camera for a while and want to learn how to create great images?
No matter what kind of camera you have or your level of
experience, we can probably help you learn and improve.
What are all those symbols for on the dial?

What is Aperture? How does it work?

How to use shutter speed to create great Photos.

What is ISO and when to change it

Photography 101 - 4 to 5 Hours and a Maximum of 10 Class size.

Learn about your camera and how it works. Learn about Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, & White
Balance and how they work together when creating images.

Why you need to get your camera off the automatic setting (and why you sometimes shouldn't)

What setting to use depending on what you're shooting

Your location or mine. Plenty of time to ask questions and some practical application as time allows

Cost: $49 with a minimum class size of 6
Please bring your Camera and your owners manual if you have one

Private Classes are available for smaller groups or Individuals, please inquire
Photography 101 Complete - This is an 8-9 Hour day. 10 Person Maximum

You'll combine the 101 Class with lots of field work practicing what you learn. Expect to leave this
Class ready to shoot in just about any situation.

You'll also discover External Flash and how to use a Flash attached to your Camera

Lastly, we'll discuss Software you'll need to Edit and organize your photos, external storage and
backing up your photos.

Bring your lunch to this class. I'll have water and coffee.

This class is offered at your location, if feasible. My location otherwise.

Cost: $99 with a minimum class size of 5 and a maximum of 10

What to bring with you: Camera, Owners manual (if you have one), Tri Pod (if you have one), Flash
units (if you have one)

Private Classes are available for smaller groups or Individuals, please inquire
Photography 201    6-7 Hour Class with 10 person maximum
(This class often runs overtime by as much as 1 or 2 Hours. We have too much fun!)

In 201, we will build on the skills and knowledge learned in Photography 101. There will be
both class room and field application in this class.

Rules of Composition
"Framing" the shot
Using Light creatively; Indoors and Outside
"Seeing" the shot
Long Exposure skills
Shooting Panorama scenes
Creative processing with inexpensive software
What is a Great image
What is Art

What to bring to this class:
Camera, Tri-Pod, Remote shutter release (if you have one), Lunch, owners manual (if you
have one), Laptop with Photo Editing Software (if you have editing software installed),
sense of humor, creative thoughts

Cost: $99 with a minimum class size of 5

Your location if feasible, other wise i will choose a location

Private Classes are available for smaller groups or Individuals, please ask

This class builds on the skills taught in Photography 101. While not a "Prerequisite", to take
this class, you will be at a disadvantage without the skills and knowledge from Photography
Photography Editing Software  4 Hour Class
Note: This class is restricted to 4 people minimum and 6 people maximum.
More are allowed only if you have a laptop with the software installed that i'm teaching;
Elements and Light Room.

I do not sell software, but i'll be happy to tell you where to buy it

This is all about Using Photo Editing Software....that's it

I'll cover several software Editing programs, but in this class I teach two that i like that are
inexpensive and easy to use.

Light Room

Editing Images
Repairing images
Creative Processes: replacing portions of a photo, creating water colors with your photos,
removing unwanted objects, adding objects, getting creative, and more...

What to bring to this class: Camera, (laptop if you have installed photo editing software),
Images for editing: no less that 40 (of course, images you want to edit)
Outdoor Images
Indoor using flash or available light
Or anything other recent photos you have taken

Sense of Humor, patience,

I'll have light refreshments, but you might want to bring your lunch or snacks

Cost: $69

This class can be taught at your location, please ask

Private classes are available for individuals , please ask
Take your photography skills to a new level!
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