Art Displays Your Definition of Beauty

Art Is The First Impression of You

     Art Tells Your Story

Artwork for Your Business or Home

It's true, Beauty is in the Eye of the beholder, We Photograph for
Ourselves; Our vision, Our Perspective. In that, We Hope to Find You.

You'll Find my work on a few websites, a couple of magazines, books, all over
the web, and in people's homes and Offices.

Tom Floyd
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I am available for private & special events, commercial work and assignment
Charitable Work in the Community

Primarily I work through "Portraits for Patriots" to
help Our Veterans. You can visit this Charity at:
Portraits for patriots
If you know of an event to benefit veterans, please
contact me or Portraits for Patriots
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Light Focus Shoot
I Shoot for You & Me. The Beauty in everyday
life, the unique moments and scenes that will
never occur again. Have a look around the
gallery. I promise,  you'll find something you

Tom Floyd Photography   Light Focus Shoot
Giving back in Our Community
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